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#1 Carnival group on the island!

  • All you can drink premium bar, Cocktails & Frozen drinks

  • 6 dancing sections

  • 3 LIVE bands

  • Caribbean Bacchanal DJ Area with 4 DJs & 1 MC

  • All areas have surprise guest stars

  • Delicious snacks & Food

"Estreno Goes into the Wild: A Global Wilderness Odyssey" is a vibrant carnival journey through the mystical Estreno Dynasty, featuring three pulsating villages. From samba rhythms in Verde to celebrating resilience in Valora, and embracing global jungle essence in Vida, it culminates in the tranquil unity of Verdantia's temperate rainforests. Celebrating nature's beauty and cultural richness, it invites all to revel in its magic and global traditions.

Forest Trees

Estreno Anthem

At'e Ta BinOne Flavaz
00:00 / 05:33
00:00 / 01:25
Green Backdrop

Aftermovie carnival 2024

Are you ready to go
into the wild?

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